Non-Dual Consciousness: That center point of pure beingness, pure connection with all that is, pure awareness. Cannot be conceptualized with words. Can only be experienced and allowed to flow through, like a stream of pure, cleansing water.

Conditioned Dual Consciousness: The little, limited, separated black boxes of human-created words and worldviews which the human mind has manifested through the creation of separating, dividing, categorizing language. These words and worldviews are useful tools, but they are not Truth. When we disconnect from that center point of Non-Dual Consciousness that some have called God, Allah, Brahma, the Tao, a Power Greater than Myself, and believe that our human-created words are Truth, the little black boxes fight with one another over whose words are right and whose words are wrong.

Our human challenge is to learn to release ourselves from the limiting words and worldviews into which our souls, spirits, and life forces have been imprisoned and free ourselves to reconnect to an “Energy” I call Non-Dual Consciousness.

Creative Dual Consciousness: From that point of reconnection with and immersion into the energy and spirit of Non-Dual Consciousness, Creative Dual Consciousness becomes a human skill of using separating, divisive, categorizing words to manifest a clear intention that serves self, others, and our planet. That skill can be used to reconnect each and every one of us back to that core, experiential Energy of Non-Dual Consciousness, or to create, co-create, and manifest outward the kind of world in which we would all like to live. Ultimately, the inner and outer movements integrate into a moral/ethical practice and way of life. They can also be analogized to the breath – breathing in and out, expanding and contracting.

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