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Our Vision

To consciously and intentionally use our co-creative power to develop ideas, present solutions, and promote action for the greater good of humanity and the planet.

Our Mission

To attract each human consciousness, through deep listening, clear speaking, and conscious conversation:

Away From


Not feeling good enough
Stepping fully into one’s own, unique personal power—while not harming others or the planet that sustains us.
Abusing others or allowing oneself to be abused
Self-compassion and other-compassion
Fear and terror
Inner strength and courage
Conscious and intentional self-love and other-love
Standing firmly in right action
Shame or guilt
Making amends by changing conduct
A transactional, money economy of lack
An abundance economy of giving and receiving
Planetary war and desecration
Deep inner, community, and planetary peace
To fully use each of our unique gifts, skills, talents, and passions to connect, shift, transform, evolve, expand, manifest, and maintain, creatively and co-creatively, a peaceful, powerful, prosperous planet—together and forever.
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